In Barcelona optimistic about Messi’s new contract
Barcelona’s leadership is optimistic about talks on a new deal with Lionel Messi, reports Mundo Deportivo.

Barcelona President Josep Barthomeu met with Messi’s father last week after he arrived in town.

According to the information, the two countries have specified almost all the parameters of the Argentine’s new contract, and only some details have been finalized.

Messi is expected to receive a bonus of 40 million euros as soon as he signs his signature under his new contract with the Catalunians.

It is expected that it will be signed next month and will be in four years. The current Leo Messi contract with Barcelona expires in the summer of 2018.
For a long time, the Catalans have been trying to bind the player for a longer period. He himself has always claimed he wants to stay, but has not yet signed up.

De Gea has already asked Man United to release him in Madrid

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea is determined to leave Old Trafford towards Real Madrid, says Marca. Summer 2015 will be repeated two years later, and the Royal Club will again be on the Spanish watch. From Santiago Bernabeu, they say they have learned lessons and will not repeat the Fiasque two years ago when the transfer failed to take place due to the closing of the transfer window.

The European club champion has secured an agreement early with the goalkeeper who will sign for five or six seasons and will reduce his salary. Moreover, David has already talked to United bosses expressing his desire to leave. The direct conversation took place three weeks ago and, accidentally or not, on April 9, he stayed outside the group for the meeting with Sunderland.

In the summer of 2015, just 11 days after the failed deal, DeGea signed a new contract with the Reds, according to which he received 12 million euros per season. Until June 30, 2016, in the contract of the Spanish watchman there was an option for compulsory termination if someone paid 60 million euros. Such a clause no longer exists and the amount is negotiable. According to Marca, the deal will be worth 70-75 million euros, which will make David the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of football.

Los Blanco’s president has alternatives to a new setback with De Gea – Gianluigi Donaruma and Tibo Courtoa.

Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique called for not to slip into euphoria after the triumph of 3:2 over Real Madrid two days ago, with both teams standing in the standings. However, Madrid’s have a lesser match, which may make them the favorites for the title.

“I would not say that Real has an advantage because of its program, and there is a lot more of it, which is not an easy task, and the accounts without publishers never go out, I expect surprises, but I do not want to be the ones who get away, Enrique said.

Tomas Losecles takes Osasuna to the final. Barca’s coach, however, does not seem calm. “This season, we’ve lost a lot of points against seemingly weaker rivals, so we have to be careful.” The season-end battles are getting harder, especially against teams from the bottom, “added the coach.

Enrique defended Lionel Messi for his joy in front of Real’s fans after the winning goal over the weekend. According to him, the attacker did not offend the people against him.

After Real M – Barcelona

Messi shook “Bernabeu” in the 92nd minute! Barca shoved Real from the top!
In an exclusive and breathtaking thriller, Barcelona won a 3-2 win over Real Madrid in a fierce super-shot of the 33rd round of La Liga, played at Santiago Bernabeu. Lionel Messi broke the European champion with a defeat of seconds before the end of the match. Before that, Leo scored in the 33rd minute. Casemiro had given Los Merrengs advance in the 28th. Ivan Rakitic scored in the 74th minute. In the 77th Sergio Ramos was displaced with a direct red card but Hamas Rodriguez equalized for 2: 2 in the 85th. Breath before the end La Pulga “blew” the football fans with a defeated goal, after which Barca lifted a winning hand. So the Catalans are the new leader in La Liga with equal points, but the better points from Real. “The Whites, however, stay with a less game, but the intrigue in the Spanish Championship has returned with a bang and crash. The two teams made a spectacular show and raised football to the heights.

Zinedine Zidane bet on the restored Gareth Bale to Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, deprived of Isco’s services. Paco Alcasser replaced Penalty Neamar in the trio with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Both teams were ranked 4-3-3.
It had barely been a minute since the start of the game, and he got tired in front of Mark-Andre Stegen’s door. Daniel Carvahal cleverly and without any hesitation centered in the penalty area, where Samuel Umtiti did not play with the ball, while Cristiano Ronaldo was kicking (though slightly). There were serious doubts about a penalty, but the referee, Hernandez Hernandez, has overcome the situation and may have hurt the European champion.

Real continued to play hard. In the fourth minute Ronaldo took Carvahal, who centered undisturbed but did not find a teammate. Two more minutes later, the Madridians again set up an assault, and Ronaldo decided to fire from far away instead of passing to Benzema in the keeper’s hands. The 11th Catalans also threatened Kaylor Navas’s door. Luis Suarez received the ball of the rainbow and chose a low blow on the diagonal, sending the ball about a meter to the side.
In the 17th Messi started behind the center and Casimiroro, Luca Modric and Tony Kroos, but his pass to Ivan Rakitic was not accurate. Within a minute, both teams had great shot capabilities. First, Benzema was pulled out and fired on terrestrial terrain. In response, Alcasser handed over to Suarez, whose shot from the air did not work. In the 20th, Cristiano fared with ease Sergi Roberto and sent a bomb shot low diagonally – the German watchman showed class and cellars. In the meantime, Messi was lying on the grass with a bloody mouth after an unintentional stroke of Marcello’s elbow.

In the 26th, Benzema failed a great two-pair against two. “Los Merrenges” hit in a loving way – static. In the 28th corner of the corner, Marcelo took control of the penalty area and headed for the far beam, where Ramos hit the beam, and Casemiro was fortunate to be closest to the weighted ball and headed into the empty net. The repetitions showed that Ramos was not in the ambush when filing.
In the 33rd Barca he replied after a great combination. Rakitic handed over to Messi, he outpaced Modric, fired Karvahal, and scored 11 meters flawlessly in the left corner of Navas – 1: 1. That was a record 22nd goal for La Pulga in El Classico. In the 36th, Modric shook a powerful 22 meters, but Ter Stegen was careful again and killed. In the 39th Marco Asencio forced Bale, who was apparently not ready for the meeting. The 41st new sharp action in “blue-red” was completed by Messi. Leo shot 21 meters and centimeters split the ball from the right-hand goalie of the goalkeeper – out. In the 43rd Suarez to the right, Alcasser dropped to the penalty, but the Uruguayan centered by heart.

In the 45th, Kazimiro stopped Messi against a dangerous counter, but the referee did not think it was a second yellow card despite the barcelona protests. Moments before the final, Messi made a passive pass. The ball was centered on a corner on the second beam, Leo put Marcello back and, two meters away, missed the empty door. The Argentine put his left foot, but saw the ball at the last minute. Overall, in the first part, both teams offered ultra-violent football and missed a lot of positions.
In the 47th Asencio advanced to the right and centered the ball to the bustling Benzema and Ronaldo, but Gerard Picke made an important sword. In the 48th, Kroos fired without a shot at the near corner – Ter Stegen plunged and put his hand for another strong show. The hosts played a very clever corner, Kroos was left alone to center to the far beam, where Cristiano was in ambush. In 53rd Marcelo, he is centered on Benzema, who shoots a seven meter head but finds the goalkeeper’s feet.

In the 56th Alcasser missed a 100% position. Number 17 received the ball at the 13th meter limit, chose a hit on the ground and allowed Navas to kill. Two minutes later Messi took Suarez, but Number 9 could not tame himself against the goalie, and maybe there was an ambush. In the 59th Picker fired superbly with a head after a corner, but Navas plunged and took out the ball. In the 63rd Karvahal he got himself in front of the box, he entered, but he got drunk. Seconds later, Marcelo centered very dangerously on the second beam, where Jordi Alba knelt before a rival rival.
In the 74th, Rakitic scored a great goal after turning the ball across the diagonal. Croatian shot at 21 meters and left no chance for the goal keeper – 2: 1. A minute later, Ronaldo missed an 18-meter throw, sending the ball into the guard’s hands. In 77th Judge Hernandez Hernandez pulled a direct red card to Sergio Ramos after a very rough run into Messi’s feet in the center. The entry was dangerous for the health after the defender jumped with both feet and did not play the ball.

In the 80th Pique missed absolutely alone against the goalie of seven meters. That could be a point of intrigue. In the attack, Cristiano got into the penalty area and was locked by Pique. Oddly enough, the referees appointed an outsider, not a corner. In 83rd Messi chose to shoot at 22 meters and Navas did. In Marseille’s 85th consecutive turn, he finished with a 2: 2 goal. The Brazilian centered, the reserve, Hames Rodriguez, jumped himself on the first beam and realized closely.
Zidane’s boys even jumped to victory in the last few minutes, but their sideline cheated. In the last added minute of the match, Sergei Roberto made an outstanding raid through the center, no one stopped him or her, left Alba to find Messi in front of the penalty area and number 10 made a hit in the lower left corner of Navas. Literally in the last second the Catalans pulled out the victory, and Leo did not hesitate to celebrate properly, annoying the Bernabeu fans, for which he received a yellow card. It was also a jubilee number 500 for La Pulga with the shirt of “los blaugranas”.

Overall, the two teams offered an overpopulation to protect the El Classico brand and greatly enhance the game. The meeting offered a million locations and great and intriguing football. Barcelona has come back with full force in the title fight, but has to wait for Real’s defeat to the end of the championship.

Juve: Dibala will play against Barca

All in Juventus‘ camp are convinced that Paulo Diballa will recover in time for the rematch of the 1/4-finals in the Champions League against Barcelona. The Argentine scored two of the 3: 0 goals in Turin, but suffered an ankle injury in the Pescara (2: 0) victory, which questioned his participation in Camp Nou.

Diballah was the victim of Sulli Munari’s rough game, and half an hour before Adriatiko ended, Massimiliano Allegra decided not to take the risk and change it. The striker left the legged stadium, but Allegri expressed confidence that he would be ready to visit Barca.

A day later, the forecasts are optimistic. Dibala’s wrinkled ankle will not prevent him from playing against the Catalans and is expected to take Yue’s attack again with his compatriot Gonzalo Higuain.

Drogba hinted at transferring Lukaku to Chelsea

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba hinted at a possible return of Romulus Lukaku to Stamford Bridge. The Belgian national refused to re-sign a new contract with his current Everton club and is likely to leave the club after the end of the season.

According to most British media reports, the favorite for the striker’s signature is his former Chelsea team.

Asked if he knew what Lukaku’s plans were in the summer, Drogba said, “I know, but I will not reveal what they are. If he comes to Chelsea, it will be great for the club. He already knows the club and I think his desire is to prove it here because he did not get this chance the first time. Chelsea was his club when he was young, so why not? He wants to be the best and works really hard to achieve it. ”

“I always try to provoke him and I challenge him.When he scores a goal, I expect him to score two.I can definitely say that with him we have an excellent relationship, I accept him as a younger brother.As he is a very good boy he Is also a very good footballer, “he added.

Real Player greeted Malaga success against Barca
Player of Real Madrid Isko did not hide that he was happy from the defeat which he suffered eternal rival – Barcelona. Barca lost 0: 2 from Malaga, and the reaction of the player Royal club late.

It uses your one of the social networks where congratulates Malaga success. From 2011 to 2013 Isko compete with the team of Malaga.

It is interesting to note that in recent weeks the name of Isko inflects with Barcelona. It is said that the team of “Camp Nou” wants to lure midfielder. Isko himself denies speculation.

Moratti: Real Madrid is the club of my dreams
Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata said he was happy in his club, although rarely gets a chance to express themselves. The Spaniard began as a starter in the game against Leganes and scored two goals, helping the “Royal Club” to maintain their lead atop the standings over second Barcelona. Madrid beat newcomer with 2: 4.

“Real Madrid is the club of my dreams. We are in this composition. Whoever plays are generally doing well. I always want to play as much as possible, but never required by Zidane give me more playing time. I’m happy here, “said Moran.

Chelsea dashed the hopes of Manchester City and made a giant step towards the title
Chelsea achieved one of the most important victories on the way to the title in the Premier League, having prevailed by 2: 1 over Manchester City on “Bridge” and virtually discarded “citizens” of the battle for first place. The selection of Antonio Conte keeps lead at seven points ahead of Tottenham, but he escaped on 14 points from today’s rival. Two goals for the Londoners, scoring Eden Hazard (10 ‘, 35’), and among them Sergio Aguero (26 ‘) gave hopes of the City, but with proved futile.

Kuerten Zuma launched a surprise for the hosts, while Nemanja Matic remained on the bench for the start. Victor Moses missed that match through injury. The big news in the composition of “citizens” was the return of Vensan Kompani, who played for the last time in January. Fabian Delph was it holds for the first time this season.

Eden Hazard gave a flying start to the hosts in the 10th minute when exchanging passes with Aspilikueta then fired on the diagonal. The ball ricocheted off slightly in the company, and then Kabeyero intervene bad – 1: 0 for Chelsea. “Citizens’ answered with shots from long distances Delphi and Fernandinho. Courtois did save flick of Aguero in a decent situation. In the 22nd minute Chelsea were close to a second goal after Fabregas shot ricocheted in Clichy and went inches over the crossbar.

In the 26th minute Courtois gave the ball to David Silva who shoots Belgian cellars, but Aguero reached the ball and put it in the net to level the score. Very soon after Fernandinho out very well Sanne, who found himself face to face S Kurtoa, but this time the guard came and intervened decisive.

In the 34th minute Fernandinho play poorly in his own penalty area and tripped Pedro – a penalty for Chelsea. Azhar badly, but his lucky ball right back in it after saving Caballero. This time the Belgian sister would be a mistake to score his second goal today – 2: 1.

At the outset of the second private company rose to head in a header from a free kick, but the Belgian was unlucky, because the ball landed on the bar.

1/4 hour before the end Azhar failed to shape his hat-trick, but shot 12-13 meters high. Chelsea defended well until the end, and in stoppage time Courtois was marked by decisive save after save with his feet hit close to Aguero. In the last corner Kompany rose to head but Stones somehow managed to deflect the ball.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi will officially resume his contract with the club in May
The five-time winner of the Golden Ball has consented to the initialling of a new contract, according to which will win purely by 35 million euros per season. This will make the Argentine undisputed №1 in salary among all players in the European leagues.

Next month is expected father Leo – Jorge to arrive in Barcelona to be anything on the new contract the player signed and clarified.

The two countries practically have reached agreement on all the parameters will be recorded in the new contract.

The new contract of Lionel Messi with Barcelona will be up to 2022, which means he will almost certainly finish his career at “Camp Nou”.

This contract of 29-year-old with Barcelona expires in the summer of 2018.

Nice keep hopes for the title in Ligue 1

Nice beat Bordeaux 2:1 in a meeting of 31 th round of the French Ligue 1. Thus Mario Balotelli and company kept hope alive for the title.

Nice has 67 points and occupies the third position, and the leader is Monaco with 71 and a game in hand. Bordeaux is sixth with 46 points.

The visitors opened the score in the 9th minute with a goal from Gaetan Laborda. Mario Balotelli restored equality in the 16th minute from the penalty spot.

Italian assist for the goal Valentine Euserik in the 27th minute, bringing Nice lead with 2:1. The players of Bordeaux did their best to get at least 1 point in this game, but their efforts were in vain.

Find what is to stop Chelsea at ‘Stamford Bridge’
Chelsea made a very surprising loss 1: 2 Kristal Palas in the middle of “Bridge,” which allowed Tottenham to come within seven points behind the leader. “Blue” took a goal from Cesc Fabregas (5 ‘), but the 11-minute “Eagles” made a complete turnaround after goals from Wilfred Zaha (9’) and Christian Benteke (11 ‘) and inflicted the first loss of Chelsea in the last 14 matches of the team of “Stamford Bridge”.

Eden Hazard began as a starter. Cesc Fabregas and Pedro Rodriguez also started for the home side, but Victor Moses missed the game. Sam Allardyce bet of the same composition, which beat Watford in the previous round. On top of the attack on the “Eagles” had Christian Benteke.

The match started well for the hosts, who are still in the fifth minute taking the lead. The attack began Fabregas, who then moved to speed and get to the box, to detect centering on land Azar left. In the next minute something happened unusual. Zaha leveled once you get outside of the box, turned, back and shot between three defenders, sends the ball into the corner. Two minutes later Benteke broke through the middle, made a double by Zaha then held, waited for the reaction of Courtois and transfer it technically. It was the fifth goal for the Belgian in his last eight league matches against Chelsea.

In the 15th minute the “blue” could receive a penalty kick after Pedro hit the hand of Townsend. However signal to follow. There was a very serious pressure on Chelsea, but Hennessey saved pounding Costa, Matic and Azhar. Alonso also missed a good situation. So, Chelsea leveled the score by halftime.

Ten minutes after resumption of the game Hennessy again saved his door after hit close to Costa. Shortly thereafter, Dan Scott blocks new dangerous shot the Spaniard. At the same time defender Kristal Palas injured and carried off the pitch.

In the 61st minute Zaha missed a golden opportunity to score a third goal for the visitors, having left alone with Courtois and shoots diagonally, but guard Chelsea the ball with his foot and save his door. 1/4 hour before the end Diego Costa missed a good new situation once rose to head closely, but sent the ball wide. In the next minute Sacco twice was marked by decisive interventions before the line.

In stoppage time Zaha missed another great opportunity for Crystal Palace.

Chelsea have 69 points – seven to Tottenham. The third position is currently for Liverpool. Liverpool lag ten points behind the leaders but with a game more. For Crystal Palace this was the fourth consecutive victory in the Premier League. “Eagles” are in 16th place, four points above the relegation zone.

Leo the worst penalty of his career, Argentina suffered serious without him

Argentina captain and leader Barcelona Lionel Messi received the most severe punishment the beginning of his professional career. Leo will not play in four matches for “los gauchos” for offensive remarks to one of the assistants after the game between Argentina and Chile. By the time he was penalized only for one game.

At the same time, “albiseleste” suffer exceptionally in the absence of their great leader, according to statistics. Without him, the Argentines have won just one win from seven matches in qualifying for World Cup 2018 (1 win, 4 draws and 2 losses). When Leo is on the field, the situation changed radically – 5 wins and 1 loss in a six played matches.

Boys Edgardo Bouse will fight tooth and nail to rank World Championship in Russia.

In the Netherlands crushed “Tulips”: Parody! Weaklings! Failure are!

Dutch internationals were torn apart by the media in his homeland after the unexpected loss to them in Sofia 0:2 Bulgarian colleagues.

“The Netherlands is a parody of football!” Erupted publication “Folkskrant.” “The boys played Danny Blind worst match ever in Sofia! It could not be otherwise, having lost 0: 2 and saw goodbye to the World Cup in Russia,” wrote more than media.

“Weaklings,” reads the commentary of the Parool. “The Netherlands appears to be forgiven with a second consecutive major competition, having first ever conceded delay from 0: 2 to less than quarter of an hour in World Cup qualifying. And our youngest debutant since the Second World War was too weak and revealed by Spas Delev, “wrote another publication.

One of the most respected and most read publications in low land – “Undo Telegraaf” – was more moderate in his commentary to elect Danny Blind, but determine their performance as “a complete failure.”

Commentators in the country were also shocked by the result. One of the most beloved Dutch footballers, now a commentator for a local TV – Pierre van Hooydonk – razed national team.

“A real shame in this the most villainous look! A real fun these guys! They began arrogant match and were punished. Better to take up knitting,” exploded Van Hooydonk and his former colleague in the national team, John van’t Ship was a bit more moderate, but still critical: “Oh, we were so weak that wonder where to start,” reads the comments.

James Rodriguez brings victory for Colombia
Reserve Real Madrid James Rodriguez brought victory over Colombia Bolivia 1: 0 in the match of the 13th round of World Cup qualifying in South America zone. Success came hard by the score 0: 0 stays until 83 minutes.

Then the referee called a penalty after Colombia player was felled in the box. Rodriguez fulfill tentatively penalty goalkeeper reflect the initial shot, but additive master of Colombia unable to put in the net. With the victory Colombia gathered 21 points and climb temporarily to the third position. Bolivia has 7 points and go in ninth place out of 10 teams.

In another match of the qualifiers Paraguay crush Ecuador 2: 1 in Asuncion. Bruno Valdez gave the home naprev in the 12th minute. Junior Alonso doubled put Paraguay in the 65th, but only five minutes then Philippe Kaysedo reduce a penalty. By the end, however, the visitors failed to reach another so Paraguay garnered 18 points, but remained seventh. C 20 Ecuador goes fourth.

Argentina suffers, but get 3 points from Chile

Argentina achieved a valuable victory with a 1: 0 victory over Chile in a meeting of 13 th round of the World Cup qualifiers in South America zone.

The hero of “Gaucho Land” in Buenos Aires became Barcelona star Lionel Messi, who scored the only goal from the penalty spot in the 16th minute. Offense was judged exaggerated for foul on Angel Di Maria, which fall into the box. A penalty was accepted ironically even in Argentina itself as a local issue “Clarin” notes that only Brazilian judge Silvio Ritchie has seen the offense against PSG striker.

Chileans not to give up and in the middle of the second half were close to equalizing, but Alexis Sanchez hit the post.

With the victory Argentina garnered 22 points and came third in the standings, while Chile 20 is sixth.

Robert list: Barcelona elect a new coach among four

The discussion about who exactly should succeed Luis Enrique of coaching Barcelona is one of the hottest in the football world in recent weeks. Asturian announced that it will leave from “Camp Nou” at the end of the season, immediately launched a number of guesswork and speculation, but according to Mundo Deportivo options for a new mentor team were reduced to just four names.

Director Robert Fernandez and other responsible figures in the offices of the club discussed the possibility at the head of the representative team to stand someone from Ernesto Valverde (Athletic Bilbao), Eusebio sacristy (Real Sociedad), Ronald Koeman (Everton) and Juan Carlos Unsue that to today is the right hand of Luis Enrique in Barcelona.

All four have a history of Barca – Valverde played for the club between 1988 and 1990, in which period was teammate with this director Fernandez. Eusebio and Koeman were part of a large team of Yohan Kroyf, whose composition was also Hristo Stoichkov and after the end of his career sacristy five years was part of the coaching staff of “los Kulesza” and four years led a duplicate team. Unsue also barselonist for two seasons, and this in the same years in which Valverde played for the “blue-red”.

It is expected that more serious developments there at the end of April, when and probably will be taken and the key decision. Mundo Deportivo wrote that successful season, the chances of Unsue will increase significantly, but otherwise as the main favorite stands Valverde.

Barcelona is ready to offer national player from Real M

On the horizon officially appears interesting candidate for the services of the Spanish national Isko. Real Madrid midfielder does not get enough playing time during the season and about his future spekluira is constantly in the media on the Iberian Peninsula and even had information indicating that the agent is in contact with the club’s management to Paris St Germain.

New comers to attract Isko in its composition is not from a foreign country, and even in the same Championship – La Liga. According to Catalan radio station RAC1 namely local pride Barcelona wants to attract midfielder, who from 2013 onwards played for the biggest enemy of “blaugranas” namely Real.

The contract of Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez with “white” expires in the summer of next year, and RAC1 reported that Barca already have ready offer. On “Camp Nou” plan to lure Isko five-year contract, which besides salary will appear and one-time bonus for its passage, which will be worth 20 million euros.

The former player of Valencia and Malaga arrived in the Spanish capital four years ago, when Real paid him $ 30 million it has become the first member in the era of Carlo Ancelotti.

Next summer will be the last chance for Real to make money from Isko, otherwise risk losing him as a free agent a year later. This Barca coach Luis Enrique made a similar move in 1996, leaving Madrid on a free transfer in the direction of Catalonia and in history two other players have done something – Luciano Lisaraga (1905) and Lyusien Myuler (1965).

Mourinho prefers triumph in the Europa League to place in the top four in England

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said he prefers his team to win the UEFA Cup before it can finish in the top four of the Premier League. On Sunday, the “Red Devils” beat Middlesbrough 3: 1 and climbed to fifth place in the standings in the league behind by 4 points from the fourth Liverpool, but have two games less than Liverpool. Meanwhile, the team’s quarterfinal in the Europa League where they will meet seems completely surmountable team of Anderlecht.

“If I can choose between the two, I would choose the Europa League to place in the top 4. Both provide a place in the Champions League, but a bowl always brings more prestige, and it means that we will be able to play for the European Super Cup “said 54-year-old Portuguese.

Mourinho added, however, that his team will do everything possible to finish the maximum front in the league and will not rely solely on the Europa League.

Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City have an advantage over us because they play in Europe and have just one match a week. But we will fight in the way that we fought for three points against Middlesbrough,” added Mourinho.

Ronaldo protested against the decision of Zidane


The star of Real (Madrid) Cristiano Ronaldo was not impressed by the decision of the coach Zinedine Zidane to replace him in the match against Athletic Bilbao (2:1).

Grand Madrid win thanks to two assists the Portuguese.

The French coach, however decided to replace Ronaldo in the 79th minute, and in its place put Isko.

The winner of the “Golden Ball” greet Zidane but was then caught on camera shouting at the bench: “Why me the hell?”.

Ibrahimovic demanded Space salary from United

“Red Devils” have to raise the fee to 300 000 pounds a week

The leader Manchester United Zlatan Ibrahimovic could stay at the club next season, but given that his salary is equal to that of Wayne Rooney and Paul Pogba, reports The Sun.

The Swede went to “Old Trafford” in the summer of 2016 with a contract for one year plus an option for another one. Now he is ready to activate the option if United up his salary to 300,000 pounds a week.

Currently it is 260 000, while Rooney and Pogba earn 300,000. This season, Ibrahimovic scored 15 goals and four assists in 25 games.

And Zidane wants Leicester in the quarterfinals
The coach of Real Madrid‘s Zinedine Zidane admitted that he wants his team to fall by Lester of quarter-finals of the Champions League. The English champions continued its impressive performance in the tournament, although the role of a total outsider. This position becomes “foxes” in a very dangerous rival, said Zidane.

Yesterday watchman Juventus Buffon Dzhaluidzhi also said he prefers his team to avoid Leicester, who remain the only English representative in the Champions League.

“I do not think there is a coach who is hoping to fall by Leicester. They continue to achieve what all of them say they can not reach. Last season many thought that they can not keep the lead to top. But they did. Similarly, many people argued that not managed to turn the result against Sevilla after losing the first game. But they still managed. With any fall Leicester, they will not be the favorite. With the resulting pressure on the other team might happen everything. Lester has some very talented players, but they also play with passion and heart. it’s never easy to have such a rival. In this phase of the race everyone starts to believe and dream to win the Champions league. It is very difficult, “said Zidane.


Chelsea beat ten “red devils” and is half-final of the FA Cup
The team of Chelsea is the last semifinalist in the FA Cup. Tonight Londoners won with minimum 1: 0 Manchester United in the most interesting match of the quarter-final stage of the tournament. The hosts of “Bridge” were supported by the fact that rivals their game with 10 men from the 35th minute when Ander Herrera received his second yellow and a red card. With one more “blue” managed to win the victory with a goal Ngolo Cante in the 51st minute, and missed several good chances to finish opponents.

The meeting began with a chance for visitors in the 12th minute after a nice counterattack Henry Mhitaryan advanced and fired by land, but past the door.
Chelsea, however, quickly recovered and by the end score was more aggressive team up front. In the 15th minute Eden Hazard samples speedy and shoot dangerous as David de Gea failed to touch the ball and prevent it end up in the net. In the ensuing corner kick Gary Cahill received a great position to cope with their direct and guard from shooting close, but again Degea showed brilliant reflex and spasi.V 30th minute a nice new breakthrough Azar finished with a swipe over the crossbar.

After 36 minutes came the most disputed position in the game. Ander Herrera tripped Eden Hazard in midfield and received a second yellow and a red card, leaving his team with a reduced squad.
The hosts took advantage of the numerical advantage and pressed in late poluremeto by Victor Moses was able to shell door in the 40th minute, but without much success.

The second part began more than good for Londoners. Even in the 51st minute Ngolo Cante unleashed in front of the box and with an accurate shot on land ball sent the ball into the net for 1: 0.
Manchester United waiting for their chance to counterattack and the best one came in the 58th minute when Marcus Rashford advanced nutmegging a defender and a hard blow, but Thibaut Courtois was able to block.
Chelsea, however, trying to solve everything with a second goal and increased pressure. In the 60th minute after a nice counter Nemanja Matic centered on Villiers, who fired a volley, but his shot was blocked by a defender. In the ensuing corner kick Diego Costa was dropped to make a header closely, but past the door. Two miunti then again Villiers shot from distance just wide, and ten minutes later the Brazilian release in penal and from shooting awkwardly, but Degea saved.
After 82 minutes it was one of the few positions guests as Paul Pogba was found on the edge of the box and he immediately put in a shot which however went to the door. In stoppage time did Cesc Fabregas failed to solve everything with a strong shot from just outside the penal, again Degea manifest excellent intervention.

Ultimately Chelsea enough to come out the winner of the match and already waiting for the draw for the next stage of the tournament, while Manchester United will focus its efforts in the Premier League and Europa League.

Ozil: My future depends on Wenger

Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil told German tabloid “Bild” that his future at the “Arsenal” does not depend on manager Arsene Wenger. The German international has a little over 12 months to the end of his contract, and according to the media in England has already received a proposal for a new one that brings in 280,000 pounds a week.

“Everything is possible. We are negotiating with Arsenal, but now I’m concentrating on his performance this season,” said 28-year-old Ozil. “Arsene Wenger was the man for whom I chose Arsenal. But sometimes things in football are developing too fast and not everything can be planned. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that my future depends on the coach,” said Ozil, who admitted that he was very pleased by dropping out of the Champions league after losing with a total score of 2:10 Bayern Munich.

“As an athlete can not be pleased by this performance. We need more motivation. My wish is to one day win the Champions League, possibly with Arsenal,” said Ozil. “Bild” reveals that it was Bayern is one of the Go for the signature of Ozil, if he chooses to leave his current club.

Neymar chase №100 goal for Barca tomorrow
Carioca can achieve it 12 games earlier than Lionel Messi

Barcelona star Neymar has 14 goals this season and a total of 99 for the club in all competitions since his arrival in the summer of 2013.

So tomorrow Carioca will seek its hundredth anniversary goal with the team the Catalan giant chasing a third consecutive title in La Liga.

Neymar has scored goals in 175 matches, an average of 0.56 goals per game. He has scored in each race, except for the Club World Cup.

In La Liga South American has 63 goals in 115 games and the Champions League – 21 goals in 38 matches. Cup of Spain was even more impressive – 14 goals in 19 games.

So far the record is 4 goals in one match, scored against Rayo Vallecano in October 2015. There are also two hat-trick against Celtic and Granada. If the score tomorrow, Neymar will reach hundredth goal of 25 years, 1 month and 7 days.

For comparison, Lionel Messi has made it to 22 years, 6 months and 21 days. Argentina still come to play for the club much earlier. He scored 100 goals for Barca in 188 th game while Neymar can do it even at 176 th.



Before Arsenal – Bayern M

Wenger: We have no choice, we must attack.
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that his team was placed against the wall and need to attack from the first to the last minute in the second leg against Bayern (Munich) by 1/8-finals of the Champions League. “Gunners” lost 1:5 after the first leg in Germany and will be very hard to turn things in your favor of “Emirates”.

“Our only advantage is that we have no choice. We have to attack and try to score goals. Four times we played against Bayern Munich, which is one of the strongest teams in Europe. That is why always us so hard. Our only chance is to attack from the first to the last minute. No matter what happens, our pride is at stake, so you have to give our best for the full 90 minutes, “said Wenger.




Lazio dealt a double blow in the Roman derby

Lazio beat AS Roma 2: 0 in the first semifinal match of the Cup of Italy and is very close to the final. Sergei Milinkovic-Savic 29 minutes and Ciro Immobile in the 78th otbyalyazaha hits for “eagles” who deservedly took solid advance before the second leg. The team of Simone Inzaghi broke the run of four consecutive defeats against “wolves” and record a first win in the derby since 2013, when the goal Senad Lulich had in the Cup final.

Lazio already eliminated Inter in the tournament, and the Serie “A” goes to 5th place and generally performs above expectations before the start of the season. The titular guardian Federico Marchetti is injured and stood under the frame Thomas Strakosha. Lulich were punished, Patrice and Stefan Radu, which required some changes in the defense. Inzaghi stopped the trio Wallace – ferent Fry – Bastos and in midfield returned captain Lucas Billy, who did not play in the win over Udinese at the weekend. Attack of the “biankochelestite” was led by Ciro Immobile and Felipe Anderson and the bench was left Baldo Keita.
Roma is in increasingly good shape and does not hide his ambition to triumph in the Coppa Italia. The team of Luciano Spalletti was considered a favorite, although coach “wolves” did not see it that way. He decided to rest Daniele De Rossi in midfield started Bruno Perez, Leandro Paredes, Kevin Strootman and Emerson Palmieri, who renewed his contract with the club. Behind ram Edin Dzeko acted Radja Nainggolan and Mohammed Salah. At the door stood Brazilian Alison did. Curiously, the starting lineup of “dzhalorosite” not a single Italian.

Earlier in the season, Roma won clash in Serie ‘A’ 2:0 after goals from Strootman and Nainggolan.
Roma could have put more in the 2nd minute when Emerson sent to Dzeko but his shot ricocheted off a defender of Lazio and the ball went out for a corner. A little later Salah demonstrated his quickness, but Strakosha out in time and prevent safe hit. In the 10th minute symbolic hosts staged their first dangerous attack and Marco password reached almost to the byline, picked before hooked him be blocked.

The next interesting situation happened in front of Lazio, but after the impact of Kostas Manolas ball was killed. Although the pace was not high, the battle developed with constant attacks. With 21 minutes stalls Milinkovic-Savic fired head, but Alison careful. Roma watchman intervened well and a cannon shot of Immobilien in 25 minutes. Immediately afterwards Federico Fassi gave the ball Felipe Anderson, but he delayed and the possibility passed.

Just before the 30-minute Lazio lead. Fassi allow to overcome the clutter from Felipe Anderson, the Brazilian returned to oncoming Milinkovic-Savic and he opened the scoring. The very next attack Roma came close to equalizing, but Dzeko fired head around the door.

At the end of the half deep press of “wolves” create a lot of problems to defenders in blue and the password received a yellow card for entry sharply at the feet of Nainggolan. He came to some stirring in the box before Strakosha but not a goal.
The second part starts with an attempt to pressure Roma, but more dangerous situations were again in favor of Lazio. Marco password inflict a very heavy blow, saved by Alison, then Salah from shooting with his left foot and the ball clipped the post.

In the 68th minute Immobilien second time putting the ball in the net of “dzhalorosite” but his goal was correctly canceled for offside. Spalletti let Stephan El Shaaraui game at the expense of Salah and Roma continue to search for an equalizer. Despite the effort, however, “wolves” were very ideas it offensive plan and in no way threatened Strakosha. Bruno Peres tried to do something different, distant but his shot went wide.
In the 78th minute which came a little earlier Baldo Keita broke through on the right flank and served the ball at the feet of Ciro Immobile, impossible to miss – 2: 0. At the end of the game Spalletti decided to put into play and Francesco Totti, but the emblem of the Roma had too little time to help his team. However, Spalletti’s team managed to squeeze rivals in the closing minutes, but not a goal to ease his task for the defendant match.

Napoli threatens to break the winning streak of Juve

Juventus meet Napoli in the first semifinal of the Cup of Italy tonight. This will be the second meeting between the two teams this season. The first was back in Turin in the 11th round of the Series “A” and “Bianconeri” won 2: 1. Juve is in perfect shape. The team of Massimiliano Aalegri lead in the championship and the Champions League took a good advance against Porto and already thinking about the quarterfinals. Napoli must catch up liability of two goals against Real Madrid if he wants to eliminate the European champions, but a few days ago made a surprising loss with 0: 2 Atalanta and practically goodbye to their hopes to attack the title in Italy.

Juventus can boast incredible series of 25 consecutive home wins in all competitions. The last time Napoli need in Turin in 2009 and few are those who believe that the team of Maurizio Sari was able to win today. Neapolitans, however, will be pleased to any result which left them a real chance for the second leg of the “San Paolo”.

The composition of Juve not injured and punished. Leonardo Bonucci is expected that clash with Allegri, to return among holders. Paulo Dybala came off the bench against Empoli (2: 0), but today almost certainly will start from the first minute. Gonzalo Higuain, Juan Cuadrado and Mario Mandzukic will also be a constant threat to the door of Napoli.

The program of guests is very severe. A few days after the game in Turin they go against Roma on “Olimpico” in an attempt to reduce the gap with “wolves” in series “A”. Maurizio Sari can not rely on a right-back Elseyd Hysa, who is injured, but supposedly Arkadiusz Millikan will make his long-awaited return to the starting line-up.

Interesting facts:

* Juventus in a series of 5 wins at home
* The last 8 households Juve Cup ended with over 2.5 goals
* Napoli lost 6 of the most recent nine away matches in the tournament
* Juventus won five of their previous six games against Napoli
* “Old Lady” record 9 consecutive wins in all competitions, and conceded just two goals in those games.

Real Madrid tied the 73-year old record of Barcelona

La Liga leader Real Madrid tied the 73-year-old record of the great rivals Barcelona in Spain. With the victory with 3: 2 against Villarreal as guest hosts of Zinedine Zidane club record 44th straight game with a goal in the opponent’s goal. The achievement of the Catalans in the period 1942 – 1944 year.

In these 44 meetings “moose blankos” have registered 32 wins, 9 draws and 3 defeats, as the big star of the team Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 27 goals in them. Karim Benzema has realized 14 Alvaro Morata is a track record with 12, while Sergio Ramos – 9.

Yesterday, Real Madrid made a reversal of 0: 2 against the “Yellow Submarine” to “Estadio de la Ceramics” and won with 3: 2 after goals in the second half of Gareth Bale, Cristiano and morality.

Real Madrid in the standings advance and there is a point a game in the top front of Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Alvaro Morata is the resulting reserve in La Liga this season. Adolescents’ los merenges “has six goals this season in the Spanish championship after appearance in the game from the bench.

Real Madrid does a team with the most goals with a header (17) of all the five top championats in Europe this season.

Roma took the scalp of Inter, Nainggolan shine with two goals

The team of AS Roma record 19th victory of the season after they beat Inter in his visit of the 26th round of Serie A. Two goals for success noted Radja Nainggolan and Diego Perotti added another from the penalty spot. One of the most active ranks of the keeper Mauro Icardi scored to “Inter”.

“Wolves” were more active in the first half. The visitors had more possession and were able to exert pressure on “Inter” that eventually cracked after 12 minutes. Radja Nainggolan get the ball on the left from Edin Dzeko. Progressed changes direction sharply to lie defender of Inter with a powerful shot from just outside the penalty area shoot Samir Handanovic – 1:0.

By the end of the half the hosts did their best to return cashed hit, but their attempts were not crowned with success.

After the break Antonio Candreva shot in the 48th minute, but Wojciech Shchesni impact. Roma’s lead was doubled again in the 56th minute after a speedy “wolves”. Radja Nainggolan fired a cannonball from the arc of the box and rose to 2:0 recording a second a goal.

In the 65th minute Mauro Icardi shot, but sent the ball over the crossbar. After 71 minutes Ivan Perisic came in the box, but the defense was able to take away his ball.

The last minutes of the game were quite intriguing. In the 81 th Inter still one shot back. Ivan Perisic finding good Mauro Icardi, who was waiting at the far post and scored from close range to 1:2.

Four minutes later the visitors were awarded a penalty after Gary Medel kept rival. Diego Perotti took responsibility and shape the outcome n- 3:1.

At placed AS Roma is second with 59 points, while Inter is sixth with 48.

 Cantona: Jose will take more than one trophy this season.
Manchester United legend Eric Cantona confidently said he expected the team manager Jose Mourinho to bring more than one trophy in the club’s showcase to the end of the season. Today at 16.30 hours “Reds” have a chance to take the League Cup, if in the final of the tournament overcome Southampton.

Although the title in the Premier League at this stage looks like an unattainable goal, “Red Devils” are still in the battle for Europa League. In the eighth-finals England will face Russia’s Rostov as anything but continuing forward will be considered a failure.

“I think United will win more than one trophy this season, and the first will be the League Cup. Mourinho is a winner, he has won a lot of things in the course of his career. He’s a great manager. I think it United will achieve success, “said Cantona.

“The first trophy is always important. At a club like United constant under pressure to win everything. So when you get a trophy, the pressure weakens. Naturally, then people will want more, but do not think Jose has any problem with the pressure, “added the former striker.

Bayern make a gift that Ancelotti will not forget

Bayern (Munich) make a great gift for your coach Carlo Ancelotti, who today celebrates his game №1000 coach. In his honor humiliated champions Hamburger SV 8:0 at home, which recorded record success under the leadership of the Italian. Robert Lewandowski hat-trick, Kingsley Coman added two goals and once were accurate Arturo Vidal, David kale and Arjen Robben. Separately Polish striker hit one shot.

So Bayern continued to lead by 5 points ahead of RB (Leipzig), who also made a mistake – 3:1 against Cologne.

Bayern kept their tradition blur Hamburger SV on “Allianz Arena“, after the previous six matches they had scored 36 goals.

This time Ancelotti bet on Thomas Muller as a starter, but the German international has again failed to score. He still scored two assists and won a penalty.

Guests of the North had left Aaron Hunt and Bobby Wood on the bench, but eventually their tactics proved irrelevant.

Vidal launched the series with an accurate shot in the 17th minute and seconds later Lewandowski hit the crossbar. Former gunner Borussia (Dortmund) doubled in the 24th from a penalty kick, but three minutes before the break rose to 3:0.
Only in the 50th minute bored Manuel Neuer made the first save, and shortly thereafter the result began to grow. Lewandowski shaped hat-trick in the 54th and then changed to keep forces.

In the 56th kohlrabi stuck for 5:0, and then change it Koman brings things to 7:0 with two goals by the 69th minute. Three minutes before Robben shape the final 8:0.
For the team from Hamburg this is the second time in history, who lost 0: 8 in the Bundesliga. The team remains a dangerous 16th position.

On Wednesday, both the composition battles await them in the quarterfinals of the German Cup. Bayern accepts Schalke 04 and Hamburger SV hosts Borussia (Monchengladbach).

Monaco came back to win

The leader in Ligue 1 Monaco recorded an important victory on his way to the title. Monegaskite won with 2: 1 as a guest Gingan tough team and so went back to success after the score 1: 1 with Bastia a week ago in the championship and lost 3:5 Manchester City in the Champions League.

Kamil Glik opened the scoring for the visitors in the 24th minute and four before the end of the meeting Fabinyo doubled penalty and give peace of players Leonardo Jardim. In the last seconds of the match Etienne Dido reduced to bretantsite, but it was not enough for anything more because they do not have time.

Thus Monaco garnered 62 points and was again the sole leader in the standings. Nice is second with three fewer. The champion Paris Saint-Germain is 56, but a match less. Gingan in turn remains in the middle of the pack with a total of 34 points.


The star of FC Copenhagen: We believe that we will succeed

Solbaken: Ludogorets is a very good team and it showed Solbaken: Ludogorets is a very good team and it showed
Goalscorers Copenhagen: We need to stop counterattacks of Ludogorets goalscorers Copenhagen: We need to stop counterattacks of Ludogorets

The star of FC Copenhagen Matthias Jorgensen said he was very happy about reaching the knockout round of the Europa League.

Danish champion eliminated Ludogorets then 2:1 in Sofia 0:0 in the second leg at home last night for the first time ranked as first in the race.

“We can smile. For the first time we achieve something like that and the joy and satisfaction in the dressing room can be felt. The desired and hoped. Many wanted to eliminate them and we believe that we will succeed. We fought hard. We played for a result and we got to favorable 0:0. We had the opportunity to throw, perhaps only a truly better, but the most important is that we continue, “said Jorgensen.

His teammate Peter Ankersen is also pleased with the success, though it admitted that in the first half FC Copenhagen has allowed them to be too crowded in their own half.

“Most importantly, we continue. The feeling is very nice. Maybe not played our best game but we were very disciplined tactically,” said Ankersen. He hopes the Danes to avoid Russia’s FC Rostov in the draw for the second round.

“It will be very interesting if we play with Celta Vigo, where there are many Danes. Against Manchester United would also be curious. In Monchengladbach also Danes, and Ajax. Against each opponent may be delayed. With the exception of Rostov. Trip there is a long and hope to avoid it, “said Ankersen.

Sampaoli : Not have achieved the result that we wanted
Sevilla coach was not entirely pleased with the win 2: 1 over Leicester in the first eighth-final clash between the two teams in the Champions League. The coach was disappointed by the many gaps in front of the opponent and the assumed goal, which may have greater weight in the rematch.

“We were the better team and created ten chances, but did not achieve the result we wanted. At the same time an opportunity our opponent scored. We deserved something more. In the second half we missed five clean situations. Leicester, however, is a team that knows how to take advantage of their chances. The idea was to play with chetrima up front to switch sides. It is not easy to create such positions against a similar opponent. However, in the Champions League every victory is important. Sorry but that is so narrowly, “said Sampaoli.

One of the best players for the Sevilla match Stevan Jovetic said: “We are a team that is looking for goals. Against Leicester had many opportunities but missed them, but in a tournament like the Champions League you have to have good success. It was a very delicate game and we knew it. Leicester are a good team who performed well in the Champions league. They did well and the dispute remained unresolved. ”

Lord of the Europa League will be proved in the Champions League
Three-time consecutive winner of the Europa League Sevilla demonstrate serious ambitions in the Champions League. The team of Jorge Sampaoli welcomes Leicester tonight and will try to take a good advance of his “Ramon Sanchez Pishuan” to qualify for the first time in its history the quarterfinals. Andalucians this season are almost entirely changed composition, but presented more than impressive on two fronts. Besides leaped groups of Champions League, they go third in La Liga and are a favorite in the clash with the “foxes”. The team of Claudio Ranieri as if still living in a dream last season when the title triumph in England. The reality is such that there is a real danger that a year later the team to fall. At the other extreme is the presentation of Leicester in the Champions League, where he won first place in the group with Porto, FC Copenhagen and Bruges.

Members of Seville are permanently injured Benoit Tremulinas and Michael Krohn-Deli. Nicholas steam is close to returning to the game, but will hardly be ventured with its release today. Stevan Jovetic began very strongly his career in Spain and will lead the attack of the hosts. Among holders of Jorge Sampaoli there will be two more players fought in England – Stevan Nzonzi and Samir Nasri. Many will rely on offensive midfielder Franco Vazquez.

The most expensive summer purchase of “foxes” to Islam Slim will last is questionable for the match. Algerian international did not play in dropout Millwall FA Cup, but still has a chance to start against Sevilla. Leonardo Uyoa also had problems, but Ranieri did not written off accounts. Heroes of last season Jamie Vardi, Riyadh Mareza, Daniel Drinkwater and Wes Morgan are out of form then, but just with them are connected hopes of fans for a positive result “Ramon Sanchez Pishuan.”





Another record fell at the feet of Ronaldo
Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the most assists in the Champions League, according to Statbunker.

During the meeting with quarterfinal defeated Napoli in the Champions League, Ronaldo made scoring pass to Toni Kroos for the second goal of the bill Real to comeback with 2: 1.

For Ronaldo it became an assist №31 in the Champions League.

With the assistance concerned, the Portuguese striker is now the sole leader in this kind of ranking.

Behind him were former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs with 30 assists and Lionel Messi with 24.

Fourth-fifth share Mesut Ozil and Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 22.


Real Madrid chased the record of Barcelona

Real Madrid defeated Espanyol 2: 0 “Santiago Bernabeu” in a meeting of 23 round of La Liga and at least temporarily increased their lead atop the standings.

“White Ballet” is the leader with 52 points from 21 games, followed by Sevilla with 49 and two games more, while Barcelona is third with 48 points from 22 matches.

Alvaro Morata opened the scoring against “budgies” and thus provide a new club record for “moose blankos.” The team of Zinedine Zidane has already scored in unprecedented 42 consecutive games.
The last “Royal Club” could not find the net in the semi-final match of the Champions League to visit Manchester City and launched a series of May 4, 2016 with the victory of 1: 0 over “citizens” in the second leg.

So Real Madrid has already upgraded its previous peak achievement of 41 consecutive games with goals scored placed three times in history under the guidance of Jose Mourinho, Leo Beenhaker and Juan Antonio IPEG in 1952/53.

So far, Madrid has realized 106 goals this season in all competitions and in La Liga, the number is 56, as Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading marksman with 21 goals to his account.

The record for consecutive games with a goal scored is held by Barcelona – 44 back in 1942/43 campaign.





Luis Enrique: I have not decided whether to stay at Barca

Today the coach Luis Enrique does not answer the question whether they will accept the offer to lead Barcelona in

the future, or will leave after the season when his contract expires. After heavy loss 0:4 from Paris St Germain

in the Champions League this week intensified rumors of a separation specialist who already retains leadership in


“The only sure thing right now is that what is happening during these months will not have any influence on my

choice. But I’m still not decided,” said Lucio news conference.

He goes on to convince that he is touched by the negative comments about him. Then came the information that

players have lost confidence in him. “Do not pay any attention to the criticism. Otherwise there was no way I am

now third season in charge of the team. And if players already do not believe me? Ha-ha-ha, how funny,” added


Tomorrow (Sunday) Barcelona Leganes accepted for championship in an attempt to regain the mood. “The opponent is

unpredictable least because attract many players in January. I do not know on what team we will face. But this is a

good opportunity to respond appropriately to the difficult situation in which we found ourselves,” said the coach.

Super Ibra strengthen Manchester United to eighth-finals
The team Manchester United made a huge step towards finishing in eighth-finals in the Europa League. “Red Devils”

won 3:0 first game against St Etienne from phase 1/16-finals of his “Old Trafford” and took a pretty good

advantage before the second leg. Again the hero for England was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored all three goals for

his team. He opened the scoring after a curious performance kick in the 15th minute and in the 75th added a second

goal. In the 88th minute the Swede shape and his hat-trick after accurate shot from a penalty which himself made.

Manchester United started the match better. In the 8th minute the hosts reached the goal, which however was

properly annulled for offside. In the 10th minute Anthony Marcial fired a long shot, but the keeper saved. In the

15th minute Zlatan Ibrahimovic won violation to the box. Swede himself hired to execute throws and decided to shoot

outside the box in the wall, the ball ricocheted off a defender and rolled into the net for 1:0.

Then gradually the visitors leveled the game and even claimed a penalty for violation of Daley Blind against Henry

Saiva but such was not awarded. United responded again with a new nice attack and Paul Pogba a lovely pass found

Juan Mata behind the defense, the Spaniard shot volley, but his shot was saved.

There was another exchange of hazards and the two doors. In the 30th minute Saiva was set up to shooting position

but fired near the post. In the counter-attack did Marcial progressed from shooting speed and closely keeper made

the save, and then close Zlatan failed to score in the unguarded goal. A minute later events again brought before

Sergio Romero and again Saiva shot wide.

In the final minutes of the first part of the French were the better team on the field. First Vincent Pazho fired a

long shot in the 38th minute or two later Jordan Veretu found in the box and tried a blow that was softened by

Chris Smalling to be saved by Romero. After 42 minutes the visitors made a nice counterattack, but Romain Amuma

shoot past the door, 44 minutes again Veretu from shooting wide from distance.

The second half started quite differently with pressure on United. In the 49th minute for a second time goal of

English was annulled for offside. Then in the 53rd minute Paul Pogba tries a long shot over the crossbar. A minute

later Marcial came up face to face with Stefan Rufino, but failed to overcome it, then the ball was lifted for

Ibrahimovic, who also failed to score close to the head, when striking was and handball defender that was not

spotted by the referee.

The pressure of the home is increasingly stronger and Antonio Valencia made a dangerous diagonal shot in the 57th

minute that went near post. Then after 62 minutes Paul Pogba release to the box and shoot dangerously past the

door. In the 68th minute did the Frenchman had an even better chance after a header from a free kick and shot his

header bounced off the crossbar.

After 73 minutes, however the visitors staged a great counterattack, Nolan Roux was set up alone against Romero,

and tried to pass, but pass the door.

In the 75th minute entered as a substitute Marcus Rashford make a nice break to the byline, picked and centered

sharply in the goal area, there Rufi no wineries in the best way and the ball ended up uncovered Ibrahimovic, who

scored closely in the unguarded goal for 2: 0. A minute later, Jesse Lingard could not make it classic, but his

powerful shot from just outside the penal went to the bar.

In the final minutes St Etienne step up and tried to get at least one hit, but the efforts of the visitors did not

give the desired result. However in the 88th minute Ibra their produce less controversial penalty after being

nudged forward in the box. He himself realized from the spot and shape the final 3: 0.

So Manchester United already one foot is on the second round, while St Etienne will need a small miracle in the

second leg if they want to turn things around in sovya benefit. The meeting in France will be played on Wednesday,

February 22.

EUROPE LEAGUE 16/02/2017


Totti and Vermaelen line for Villarreal
Striker and true legend of AS Roma Francesco Totti caught in the “wolves” for the game against Villarreal in the

1/16 finals of the Europa League.

Totti missed the match of the last round of Serie A against Crotone won by the Roman team, but can occur against

the Spaniards tomorrow.

The group fell and defender Thomas Vermaelen, who has not played since January 29.


Mourinho: Europa League is another chance to play in the Champions League
“We are Manchester United and we can not choose tournaments. This will create problems at the end of the season,

but we will play to win all the tournaments we participate in. A Europa League is another chance to participate in

Champions League next season, “said the Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

“Red Devils” welcome St Etienne to “Old Trafford” in the first match of 1/16 finals of the second strongest

European club tournament, and also continue the battle in the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup. This means

that by the end of the season the team will play two matches a week.

“It makes things very difficult for us. If we go forward in all competitions, we will have serious problems in May.

But we can not choose tournaments – play in all to win them. It gives players an additional experience. Europa

League not a tournament where we want to participate, but we’re in it, so we will try to win it. This is an

additional opportunity to qualify for the Champions league, “said the coach of United.



Real Madrid beat Napoli 3: 1 in the first eighth-final meeting between the two teams played at the “Santiago


The match started in an excellent way for the visitors. Even in 8 minutes, Lorenzo Insinie shocked audience

“Bernabeu” after an indicative shot from over 40 meters managed to catch the pace improvident Released Keylor

Navas. The reaction of European club champion was quick 10 minutes later, Dani Carvajal put the ball on the head of

Benzema, who has about 5-6 meters no mistake.

The hosts completely dominated the last 15 minutes from halftime several times had favorable situations to get out

the lead. In the 43rd minute Karim Benzema hit the left side pillar once found himself face to face with Pepe


Second half started well for “Royal Club”. Only four minutes after the resumption of play Cristiano Ronaldo as a

joke crossed Coulibaly and out of line returned the ball back to Toni Kroos, who technique shot left no chance of


In the 54th minute the hosts realized and the third goal of his account. James Rodriguez managed to return the ball

to casemiro and Brazilian without thinking shoot a volley of about 35 meters, rising to 3: 1.

After 61 minutes Real could have extended the lead, but Ronaldo failed to find out the door after being found in

the box by Karim Benzema.

After 81 minutes, Napoli goal was correctly canceled due to offside. Insinie lowered his head toward Kayehon that

of adjacent realized, but the Judge had raised his flag.

By the end of the game Real managed to keep their lead and although showed more class still leave a chance for

Napoli second leg in Italy.


PSG put Barca on their knees

Paris Saint-Germain inflict the heaviest defeat of Barcelona from 2015 onwards. Parisians wrecked with 4: 0

Barcelona “Parc des Princes” Eighthfinal in the first match of the Champions League. After this defeat success-led

by Unai Emery team meaningless second leg of the “Camp Nou”, which is on 8 March The goals for French champion

Angel Di Maria scored in the 18th and 55th minute, Julian Draxler in the 40th and Edinson Cavani after 71 minutes.

Barcelona trio in attack – Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar played one of the worst matches last year. The three were

completely depersonalized and far from their best times.

Paris Saint-Germain totally outplayed Barcelona in the first half. The hosts could be putting themselves more in

the sixth minute when Cavani was offside, but was not marked and allow the Uruguayan striker to volley a great

position. He shoots, then Marc-Andre ter Buck saved. Addition Julian Draxler shot wide wide. Ter Buck made a new

amazing rescue in the 11th minute when reflect very good shot of Blaise Matyuidi.

Paris St Germain lead in the 18th minute. Judge Shimon Marciniak marked violation of Samuel Umtiti against Julian

Draxler outside the penalty area by Barcelona. Angel di Maria was unsparing in his performance, sending the ball

away macro-Andre ter tight.

Cavani fired a dangerous shot from distance after 22 minutes, but Ter tight careful and save.

Barcelona squandered his only excellent opportunity in the first half in 27 minutes. Neymar has released an

excellent through ball to Andre Gomes, who came up alone against Kevin Trapp, but his Paris managed to save was

blocked by the Portuguese and the ball went out for a corner.

Julian Draxler made a very good breakthrough in the 34th minute, then shot from an acute angle but Ter Buck managed

to tip over for a corner. After completion of the static situation led to a scuffle in the box Barcelona Ter tight

again had to intervene to save.

Paris Saint-Germain doubled their lead in the 40th minute. Lionel Messi lost the ball in midfield from Marco

Verratti, who then handed to Julian Draxler, who came through against Ter tight and coolly made it 2: 0.

Paris St Germain continued to dominate in the second half.

Angel Di Maria scored a very beautiful goal in the 55th minute when a shot from the arc of the box Barcelona sent a

ball in the upper right corner of Marc-Andre ter tight.

Lucas Moura made an impressive breakthrough in the 66th minute, then shoot from distance, but straight into the

arms of Terre tight.

Parisians consumed Barcelona after 71 minutes when Thomas Meunier dropped pass to Edinson Cavani in the box to

Barcelona where Uruguayan came from the tutelage of Gerard Piqué and measured stroke sent the ball away to Terre


One of the few opportunities that opened up in front of Barcelona in the match was in the 79th minute when Neymar

took a diagonal shot in the air but wide of the left column on the door of Trap.

Barcelona made a glaring omission in the 83rd minute when after a corner kick into the box PSG Pique headed

continue to Umtiti that close hit the right door pillar of Kevin Trapp.

So PSG looks confidently to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.


Borussia wants 70 million For Aubameyang
Borussia (Dortmund) is not under pressure to sell their top scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but if it comes to

transfer, it will be for not less than 70 mln. Euros. This is the amount that “yellow and black” will ask

applicants to sign 27-year-old striker, says Goal.

Recently in an interview Aubameyang revealed that if he wants to move forward in your career, you need to leave

Dortmund at the end of the season. Gabonetsat never hidden that metchae move to Real Madrid, namely the royal club,

with Liverpool and Manchester City demonstrated the greatest desire to attract.

“For us there is no tension of the situation around Aubameyang. He has a contract until 2020. If you arrive offer,

we will consider, but one thing is certain: you will not give it away cheaply,” said Borussia boss Hans-Joachim



Penalties drama about a quarter of Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund became the last quarter-Cup Germany after a penalty shootout drama against Hertha.

Both teams scored one goal in 90 minutes, is after failing to score more in the remaining half hour game, it came

to penalties.

Their hosts Dortmund missed only once, but after three unsuccessful shots for Hertha, who was clearly continues.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang missed the first position for Dortmund still in the 16th minute when he failed to

overcome Rune Yarsten door Hertha.

Ten minutes later, Vedad Ibisevic missed a fantastic chance for Hertha. Something Salomon Kalou did a minute later

when it detects cross Niklas Stark past the right post, 0: 1.

The match was quite tense as the players tried to stop his temper and often clashes on the pitch.

Early in the second half came to an equalizer, courtesy of Marco Reus. Just before Osman Dembele is not leveled,

but Royce did it in 47 minutes.

Royce found himself after a great pass alone with the keeper and scored the 1: 1.

Ten minutes later Aubameyang putting the ball in the net, but the goal was not respected because of offside.

More clear scoring situations gone, and even 120 minutes game did not get to hit one of the two doors.

Socrates left their 10 men just before the penalty shoot-out after a second yellow card. Dortmund deal however, and

without it, as proved to be the right team.

Hertha started bad penalties by Fabian Lustenberger hit the crossbar in the first.

Dembele scored to Dortmund, then Vladimir Darida blew and the second for the away rescue of Roman jars.

Christian Pulishich back hopes of Hertha, it would in the hands of Rune Yarnsten.

Alexander Esvayn score for Berliners, but Aubameyang again brought forward Dortmund. Sammy Alagui and Gonzalo

Castro exchanged an accurate penalty before Salomon Kalou to mistake the fatal fifth for Hertha, sends the ball

over the bar.

There was no need for more performances for Dortmund and Borussia reached the quarterfinals.

Other teams at this stage are Hamburg, Arminia Bielefeld, Bayern Munich, Borussia Monchengladbach, Sportfreunde

Lotte, Schalke 04 and Eintracht Frankfurt.